Elko NV Restaurants

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Pick A Spot To Eat From These Four Elko NV Restaurants

There are many cities in Nevada, and some of them have quite a few restaurants. Of course, you might not have heard about Elko. Are you familiar with Elko NV? The city features 87 restaurant to date, and so while that isn’t very many, there are great ones as you can imagine. With less to choose from, it can be easier to pick a winner, but it can also be easier to pick one from the bottom of the pile. So I’m going to give you three of the top ranked restaurants in Elko.

Star Hotel is actually #1, and according to the name, it also appears you may have found your lodging. You have to stay somewhere if course, and Star Hotel is located on Silver Street. Steak, french fries and spaghetti are three of the top choices according to the menu highlights for this establishment. Do those sound good to you?

La Fiesta is another popular establishment in Elko, and it is located on Commercial Street. This is a place to get your standard Mexican cuisine, but I say standard so that you know what to expect. Their might not be many menu items that stand out as unique and unexpected, but don’t you just love a good Mexican restaurant? I do, and you have found one in Elko, Nevada.

Toki Ona is on Idaho Street, and this is where you get your lamb chops, soup, spaghetti and more. One review I was looking at talks about having great breakfast food, too. It sounds like you can get just about anything you want at Toki Ona. Another person talks about eating what are called Basque Pork Chops.

Now, we have time for a fourth restaurant, and then yes, I am going to give you my recommendation. Raley’s is up next, and it is on Mountain City Highway. This is a deli that serves up delicious sandwiches. You can also go shopping there for meats and produce according to the reviews. It kind of reminds me of a place I used to go to with my Mom all the time in Texas. However, the place seems to have even more of a restaurant set up or at least a more extensive menu. Now, out of all four restaurants in Elko, Nevada, which one is your top choice to visit first? Mine would be Late Fiesta, hands down, as I love Mexican food.